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Welcome to the world of The Healings -- the hilarious journey of a lonely depressed man and his cat, traveling from ''healer'' to ''healer'' in their quest for wholeness...

Message from the Author

"The Healings" offer a pleasing marriage of humor and seriousness of life's situations.

Born and raised in the Balkans, a very culturally diverse area, I have been writing since I could hold a pen but it wasn't until I moved to the U.S. that I discovered the spontaneous dark humor that was part of my heritage.

The character in my stories is a depressed male - the universal human being in search of his own Self and his place in the society and, on a deeper level in the world. In his quest for healing, he is accompanied by his one and only partner, his talking cat.

The thoughts and dialogues, naive and hilarious as they seem, offer a deep insight into life, death and what's in between.

Written in the first person, the short stories depict his encounters with those whom he calls "sources of wisdom," from shamans to scientists, from dream interpreters to psychiatrists, from flesh-and-bone creatures to illusory entities or just bizarre life situations.

I invite you to take a very vivid and strong journey into the raw and uncensored human mind.

Enjoy my character's adventures and remember that I rely on you, my readers to receive the best and most unbiased reviews possible.

Warm Meows,



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