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I’m getting tired of all this fuss over rights and freedoms. We all want rights – with rights over rights – on top of rights. What is the purpose of displaying such greed when it comes to rights and freedoms? That I don’t know. Don’t you get tired of those rights you never exercise? To me, having rights you never exercise is like having a closet full of clothes you haven’t worn in a while, and eve...
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I do not have children of my own. But some of my friends do, and with the upcoming Holiday season, I join – occasionally -- the masses of toy-buying customers. I usually go in, get frustrated over everything, pick a toy – pretty doll, if it’s a girl; little helicopter, if it’s a boy – and I am out before I know it. This year I lacked the vigor of doing a quick in-and-out action. I was recovering f...
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We all know about the historical “conflict” between generations. This is why I am not biased in any way about today’s teenagers. We have all been young and never listened to our parents and look how smart we are now and how far we’ve come! When my girlfriend asked me to substitute teach for a few days I accepted — relaxed, peaceful and curious to sample today’s educational process. I am lucky beca...
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The intense wind we in the desert have been blessed with lately encourages me to purchase a cherry-scented lip balm. Who said that humans have not evolved? An envious monkey for sure. I think of our grandmothers and grandmothers’ grandmothers who greeted the golden age with cracked, wrinkled lips. Not me! Thanks to the revolutionary invention that is the lip balm, today we enjoy moist, sensual lip...
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